the deep end - day 316: ioflow - beta decay
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josh saddler
date: Jun. 3rd, 2012 @ 2:47 am
subject: day 316: ioflow - beta decay
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tags: creative.thing, gentoo, hardware, laptop, linux, music, software

new music: beta decay by ioflow

beta decay: electron radiation. electronic activity is the key.

distorted, overloaded, tape saturated synthesizer layers. for disquiet's twenty-second junto, sonic decay.

i improvised a pad sequence with a juno 106, recording at very hot levels into a yamaha mt4x tape machine. overloaded the preamps, as well as saturated the old heavily-used tape. after this, i adjusted a couple of the ADSR envelope sliders to get a suitable arpeggio length, and re-recorded the synth, this time going for a clean, undistorted sound. i pulled apart the "dirty" original to mostly line it up with the arp, but left it fairly loose, as befits the junto theme.

the percussion was made by sampling the tape hiss/artifacts/distortion before the synth's first note. some envelope and pitch shaping, layered multiple times, yielded decent kicks and snares/clicks. after that, i added a smidgen of bitcrushing to the drums, reverb all around, and delay. the whole thing was assembled & sequenced in renoise 2.8 on gentoo linux (as seen in the screenshot).

i only had a couple of hours to put this together yesterday, and a couple more today, so i'm well aware that it isn't exceptionally interesting. with more time, and fewer hardware lockups (older git checkout of FFADO, and failing laptop hardware) i could have come up with a more polished, exploratory track. still, the point of the junto is to meet the challenge of creating in a short time frame. this track doubles as the piece for my creative one-a-day; "beta decay" marks day 316.
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